What You Deserve

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What do I deserve? I ask myself that question but I haven’t come up with an answer. There are a few things that I feel I’m reasonably entitled to. But, if I didn’t receive them, would being deserving of them make any difference? I doubt it.

If anything, I’m probably doing quite a bit better than I actually deserve. It’s easy to get philosophical about what one “deserves” but it’s a moot point in the end. If I don’t get what I think I deserve does that make me a victim? I don’t like the idea of that. The dictionary lists “loser” as a synonym for victim. After all, if you’re a victim something has been taken or withheld from you.

There’s another question I ask myself: Does a bear deserve a trout from the stream?

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Songwriter’s Journal: Far Away

We have always encouraged the kids’ entrepreneurial efforts. Never be too proud to take any work that you need and never be too foolish to permanently rely on others for work. Work should not be hunted and begged for when it can be created out of thin air to any degree.

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Songwriter’s Journal: Look Back This Way

It occurs to me that first impressions are not the only impressions that are important. All impressions are important. Looking back on some of them I’ve made but are no longer capable of influencing, I realize that I have done a pretty good job at making a good first impression. I’ve also rode that first impression straight into the ground. At times I’ve gone above and beyond to take what was a very favorable impression of me and make the beholder pay for ever thinking I was anything good. It’s not something to be proud of, that’s for sure. Worst of all, once those people have left your life, that impression will likely be the one they’ll always carry of you.

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