Steps To Being Somebody

There are two fundamental steps to being treated like somebody: look like somebody and act like somebody. Either action alone won’t convince people for long. They are both needed, but if you can only manage to pull off one of them, you’re headed in the right direction.

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Songwriter’s Journal: To Spite Letting Go

We often remind ourselves about the dangers of making bad decisions. Worse is the potential to hold onto a situation that has given us every reason to believe it’s going to end horribly. This serves as a self-defense that ultimately makes us think twice about certain life decisions. I’m sure just about everyone can look back on something, or several things, they regret and wonder why they didn’t pull out earlier. Why they ignored red flag after red flag and just kept charging down a road they knew would lead to the cliff’s edge.

That scenario is common. However, a scenario that doesn’t get enough attention is the road checkered in red flags that ended in success. If you think about it, everyone that is truly world class had plenty of notable moments where they did, or reasonably should have, questioned if they were doing the right/smart thing. If they were going the right direction.

Many times the real achievements that we can be proud of gave us plenty of opportunity to quit. But we were too stubborn. We believed in the desired outcome so blindly that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes it’s smart to fold up the cards and walk away from the table. But sometimes the only way to get where you really need to be is to play through no matter what.

To Spite Letting Go

written by Coty Davis

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