Coty Davis

I tend to write in bursts. I may write twenty songs in a two month period, then only a couple unfinished attempts throughout the rest of year. I’m ok with it. I have a pretty sizable catalog to keep me busy.

This is all an experiment. Partly to determine if and when I could find an interested demographic, but mainly, it’s all for my own therapy. Somewhere to rant and rave about things I observe.

Ideally, this experiment will lead me to more effective measures of choking the last breaths out of the traditional music industry. That’s not as noble of a goal as it used to be. It’s all but over anyway. The radio is almost extinct and buying albums seem to be right behind it. Supposedly the streaming services are taking over but they are hanging themselves with their self-saturation of ads and pressure to subscribe to the paid version. A few hours of that and you’ll see why pirating music is the way to go.

Just an experimenter conducting a series of experiments

Based on life experiences and observations