1. When The Light Changes Coty Davis 4:41
  2. Anywhere But Here Coty Davis 4:56
  3. Look Back This Way Coty Davis 4:53
  4. Far Away Coty Davis 2:35
  5. Out of Spite Coty Davis 5:08
  6. I Can't Say Coty Davis 5:11
  7. If That's How You Think It Should Be Coty Davis 3:21
  8. A Few Simple Words Coty Davis 4:40
  9. The Dirt Road Coty Davis 4:36
  10. To Spite Letting Go Coty Davis 3:35
  11. Silence Out Loud Coty Davis 5:48
  12. Still A Cowboy In Nashville Coty Davis 6:19
  13. If These Walls Could Cry Coty Davis 5:48


  1. I'll Let You Go Coty Davis 5:52
  2. Reckoning Coty Davis 5:09

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