Why Not Today?

It occurs to me that I’m an expert at finding reasons to put off things I know I should be doing. Especially this time of year. Diet and exercise goals are held off until after Thanksgiving. Then when I realize Christmas is so soon  “I might as well wait until after.” Of course once Christmas is down there’s all the leftovers that can’t just be allowed to spoil, so maybe I’ll wait until after New Years.

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Out Of My Mind

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In early 2016 I heeded a suggestion I began to hear often and from different respected sources. It was a simple task that I found I normally did not do even though the suggested benefits were both believable and understandable. It was to keep a journal recording my thoughts, observations, plans, and intentions. The benefit, as it was explained, was that the many thoughts and ideas floating around in my head can more easily be structured, reviewed, and analyzed if they were taken out of my mind and placed in the physical (or digital) space. At first I thought “well sure, that makes sense.” Then I promptly forgot the suggestion and moved on with my life. Then I heard the same or similar suggestion from one respectable source after another. All with the same explanation. After giving it some thought I realized that I already did this with other aspects of my life and with the exact same intention.

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