Songwriter’s Journal: If That’s How You Think It Should Be

“It has conflicting messages. Maybe it needs some work.” That was the nicest way of saying “the song sucks and we’re not even interested in taking your money and pretending to pitch it.” That was about the time I lost the taste for having songs pitched in Nashville, or anywhere for that matter. After reading those types of emails I would look up at the subject line again: “If That’s How You Think It Should Be.” How appropriate.

I went on a writing binge about the time I started having trouble discovering the kinds of songs I wanted to hear. I figured I’d just write my own. That led to the crazy idea that maybe there were others out there that would be interested in these songs as well. Maybe I should try to get them out in the open for others to hear. Didn’t work out so well. After all, I’m not exactly a country western troubadour but I certainly don’t fit in with today’s Nashville sound. If you’d like to argue that I could show you the countless emails from Nashville clearly confirming that my kind is of no interest to them.

Well, if that’s how you think it should be. I’ll just put it out myself. I don’t make a penny for sending it out in the world but I’m going to record them anyway and it’s worth the cost to me to allow others to give it a spin. So, for the 2-7 folks that actually visit the site, here’s one of many I was told wasn’t worth a damn.

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One thought on “Songwriter’s Journal: If That’s How You Think It Should Be”

  1. This is in my top three all-time favorites within the growing lexicon of Coty Davis originals. This is an older tune of his, from those dark and murky days when he resided on Denny St. (a mere 70 minute drive from my place at the time), way before JCD really had his shit together. I say all that to get to this larger point, my brother and I rode down from Kentucky to visit Coty and play music and listen and otherwise exist like Vikings for a weekend; Gus hadn’t heard him live at this point in almost four years. Before I could unpack my guitar and finish up smoking outside, Coty played this in the rain on his black Martin and it stopped me Dead in my tracks. Gus looked at me and quietly said “dude, he ain’t messing around with this songwriting business, I hope you brought your A-game!” I can’t recall if I did or not but I always recall the raw passion that I heard the man pouring out on this track and I have covered it many times to a positive response.

    Thank you for posting this amazing track brother, brings back some great memories.

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