Unusual Habits

When it rains it pours. Ever heard that? Ever said that? It could be appropriate to use some analogy relating to building structures on shifting sands or some other craziness. Let’s keep it simple. Ever been broke? Me too. Ever been broke and have an emergency or a series of unfortunate events? Me too.

It shouldn’t be difficult to recognize that when you’re broke everything becomes a bigger problem. When your vehicle doesn’t start that’s a problem. When that vehicle needs a new alternator, that’s also a problem. When that alternator turns out to be hundreds of dollars more than you expected, that’s a big ass problem. If you’re over 25 years old you’ve probably experienced similar situations. Maybe that exact situation.

When you heard a similar story from a friend, what did you do? You told your similar story as to say “I know exactly what you mean, been there.”

We laugh as we realize we all get into those unfortunate situations. Then we carry on with life until it happens again. Then our new story replaces the old one and it becomes our new offering in our conversations about how difficult it is to be an adult.

Then something strange happens. We watch our kids spend all their money on something only to feel the disappointment of being broke when another, better spending opportunity arises. We kind of laugh and say “see, if you spend all your money at once you won’t have any when you need it the most.”

Isn’t that interesting?

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