Why Not Today?

It occurs to me that I’m an expert at finding reasons to put off things I know I should be doing. Especially this time of year. Diet and exercise goals are held off until after Thanksgiving. Then when I realize Christmas is so soon  “I might as well wait until after.” Of course once Christmas is down there’s all the leftovers that can’t just be allowed to spoil, so maybe I’ll wait until after New Years.

As this pattern emerges it’s fairly difficult for me to pretend that eating healthy and getting some exercise “might as well wait.” We all know that living a cleaner life, even if interrupted by an upcoming holiday, would still be greatly beneficial.

Luckily I am one of those people that can’t stand to let a checklist sit incomplete. Therefore, if I can bring myself to write it down, I have a better chance of doing it sooner rather than later. As the next holiday draws nearer and my waistline expands, I have made it a habit to ask myself “why not today?”

Better that I have bouts of doing what I should do than never getting around to it at all. It is easy to see how damaging putting things off can be when I look back on my drinking. I wanted to try one more thing in hopes that I could drink and act like a reasonable person. But that was bullshit. I spent years exhausting all variations and preparations on that front. I finally had to admit that I was allergic to alcohol and I had very bad reactions when consuming it.

We spend too much time waiting on the things we can get up and go get right now. Excuses are comforting, especially in a crowd that shares and feeds off of them. But, if I’d started a year ago I’d be better off for it now. I didn’t. So, when it comes to improving my health, relationships, and my finances, tomorrow doesn’t leave me with a feeling of accomplishment. So why not today?

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